Dying Light Launch Trailer Released

With hours before the official release of Dying Light, the developers of the game, Techland, have released the launch trailer for the game. Experience the wild ride that you will be going through in the massive environment of Dying Light.

Good Night. Good Luck.

The game will be released Tuesday, January 26th. Check out the trailer below:


Resident Evil HD Remaster (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, & PC) Review

Capcom released their game, Resident Evil, in 1996 which became a massive hit and helped create a new genre called “survival horror”. Since the release of the cult classic, they have spawned numerous sequels that have expanded on the original story, but have gone in a different direction since the original title, especially gameplay wise.



In 2002, Capcom completely revamped the original game and released it on Nintendo Gamecube with new graphics and much much improved voice acting. Now for the next generation of gamers, Capcom has released the HD Remaster of the game in order to bring a new experience to the Next Gen gaming world. Will Resident Evil HD Remaster, a original remake, be something that will please new and old fans alike? Let’s get into the review and Find out!


The story of Resident Evil tells the tale of a two elite team called STARS_GROUP_PICS.T.A.R.S and Bravo, as they investigate mysterious murders that have been going on the area of Raccoon City. The game starts with the S.T.A.R.S team that consists of Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, and Joseph Frost investigating what has happened to the Bravo team, who they have lost contact during the initial investigation.

After being attacked by vicious dogs, the S.T.A.R.S team take refugee in a nearby mansion, and this is where the plot thickens and the game really begins.  The entire story of Resident Evil is very great, there is a lot of mystery and conspiracy  behind it all that, everything won’t be clear until the very end.



Resident Evil HD Remaster is a single player third person survival horror. You maneuver your character throughout various rooms, hallways, gardens, and basements. You of course run into zombies, dogs, and many other creatures in this mansion.

In this game, you have a choice of choosing between two characters, latestChris Redfield or Jill Valentine. Each character goes through many of the same situations, but have different outcomes. Chris and Jill have various differences they will impact gameplay. For example, Chris only begins the game with a hunting knife, while Jill has the knife and handgun at the start. It can sometimes challenge the player’s ability to survive during the journey through this massive mansion.

A great thing about this game is the fact that you are able to make choices that will change the story for better or for worst. Some choices could actually affect the final ending of the game because they are numerous endings for both Jill and Chris.



Controls: This can be something that can either help or hurt this game. There are fixed camera angles, meaning, as you explore different areas of the mansion, the camera angle will change thus may change the way your control your character. This is a big issue many have had with older Resident Evil games, that is still present in this game. Capcom tried to create a new control scheme, that would allow for players to move their character a bit more free, but it’s just as clunky as the original controls.

Graphics: This is where the game truly shines,  the original release of Resident Evil Remake on Nintendo Gamecube was ahead of its time. Now that Capcom has brought the Remaster to Current Gen and Next Gen consoles, it has been made even better. This game looks best played on Next Gen Consoles, because it runs in 1080p and looks like it could be a regular Next Gen title.


One thing that was very upsetting though was that some of the CGI cutscenes, other than the intro and outro, are the same Gamecube  CGI scenes. This was very lazy on Capcom’s part and it made no sense to make the entire game better, but leave the blurry Gamecube scenes still included.

But other than that, the in-game cutscenes look really good and the character models look better than before. The various environments of the game, will surprise some new to the series because there are so many different areas to explore, that there is even a achievement/trophy for going to every place in the game.

Sound: Resident Evil HD Remaster has the same spooky soundtrack as it once did, but many who have played the game for the first time, have criticized the voice acting in this version of the game. But it is such an update from the voice acting in the original title, that fans of the series will know what I mean.

Final Thoughts:

Resident Evil HD Remaster is a nearly perfect game! It re-introduces resident-evil-hd-remaster-screen-26the series in a great way. Though there is some lazy cutscene problems that throw off the rather impressively good looking game, it is not a reason to not purchase this. For $20, this is a really great buy with some added extras for fans of the series to enjoy. But now the big question is, by giving the HD touch to Resident Evil Remake, it has now opened the door for fans and now new players to want older/new games done in the same fashion. Will Capcom deliver? Only time will tell.

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New Free Online Content Released for Trials Fusion

Ubisoft released Trial Fusion the popular motor cross platformer a few months ago. Today, there is new online multiplayer content for the game. You can check out our previous review here.

In this new DLC, it consists of three new 4-8 player multiplayer modes and three new gameplay modes.

  • Online X-Supercross: Up to eight players race on three random tracks, after which a winner is announced based on an accumulative best score.
  • Private Game: Up to eight players select which tracks to race and customise race parameters such as gravity of the track, modifying bike speed, or inverting the bike’s controls.
  • Private Game with Spectator- Players looking to watch online multiplayer select the tracks and parameters for the race and invite eight other players to ride so they can kick-back and watch the race. These matches can also be broadcast using streaming platforms.

The new update is free on Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One and available now. There will be another content pack, Fire in Deep, that will be released on January 27th.

Check out the launch trailer below:


Telltales’ Game of Thrones Episode 2 Receives Release Date

Fans of Games of Thrones and he Telltale version of Game of Thrones, get excited! Today, we learn of the release date of the second episode of the six part epic adventure.


The first episode of Game of Thrones was released in December with many positive reactions for Telltales’ adaption of the series. Episode 2 will be continuing on from the ending of Episode 1 and will be arriving on Playstation and PC, February 3rd. The Xbox release will be February 4th.  Mobile devices like iOS and Android will be receving the game on February 5th.



Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Combative Trailer

On March 20th, Square Enix will be releasing the HD remaster of Final Fantasy Type-0 , an original title for the PSP. In the newest trailer of the game, they showcase the combat system. It is a bit different from previous Final Fantasy titles before its release.

The combat is fast paced and in real time, in this video, it shows the different aspects of combat and the various characters you will be able to play as.

Check out the trailer below:

The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Via ElderScrollsOnline -

For the first time in history, you’ll be able to explore the legendary world of Tamriel with your friends on console. We’re excited to announce that The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide on June 9, 2015 as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited! In the latest and biggest Elder Scrolls game ever made, you can choose to adventure alone, quest with friends, or join an army of hundreds in epic player vs. player battles as you explore and discover the secrets of a persistent Tamriel. And with Tamriel Unlimited, coming to console on June 9th and PC/Mac on March 17th, 2015, you will no longer be required to pay a monthly game subscription to play ESO.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited includes all the great gameplay from the original PC/Mac game, plus all the updates and content additions, including the exciting new Justice and Champion systems. If you’ve ever played ESO, you’ll be invited to return to the game and experience everything new in the world without game subscription fees. If you’re new to ESO, you’ll make a one-time purchase of the game and then continue playing without restrictions for as long as you like.

In Tamriel Unlimited, you’ll be able to purchase optional downloadable content, and the new in-game Crown Store will offer convenience and customization items. If you choose, you can pay a single monthly charge for our premium membership, ESO Plus, to receive monthly in-game benefits and a monthly allotment of crowns to spend in the store. Our team remains committed to providing a great experience to all players, and you can expect continued, regular updates free of charge in addition to our new store offerings. You can read the full press release for more details.

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