Newest Shin Megami Tensei Title Gets Release Date and Trailer

Atlus has been working quite hard the last few months with the close release of Persona 5, the first Persona title to make its mark on Next Gen consoles.

But by surprise, the publisher released a story trailer for their spin-off series, Shin Megami Tensei. The newest Shin Mega Tensei game is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker. It is the Nintendo 3DS reimagining of Devil Survivor 2 which was originally released on Nintendo DS.

There will also be new content in the game which makes about 40 percent of the entire package of Record Breaker. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker will be released on May 5, 2015.


Bethesda Releases Details on The Evil Within’s First DLC “The Assignment”

It was announced today that the Bethesda survival horror, The Evil Within, will be receive some add-on content for the game. The add-on will be arriving next month and it will called “The Assignment”. Not many details have been released about the DLC, but in the teaser trailer we know the character, “Wesley”, will be involved.


Check out the trailer for the expansion for The Evil Within below:


First Official Just Cause 3 Trailer Released

We had recently reported on some leaked images of Just Cause 3, exposing that the game was in the works. Now today, Square Enix and developer Avalanche Studio have released the first trailer for the game.

We once again see protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, in high-resolution in the action packed trailer, as expected from the series. Check out the new trailer below:


Dying Light to Receive Free DLC Content

The breakout zombie hit, Dying Light, has been raising the gaming charts since its release.  It was announced today that there will be a bundle of free content coming soon.

There will be a series of updates that will improve and enhance the game as for example, there will be a Hard Mode added. It will feature some changes as:

  • Ramped up nighttime difficulty
  • Deadlier and more vicious foes
  • Increased need for stealth and silence
  • Scarce resources and supplies
  • … and plenty of other additions

There will also be modding tools that Techland will provide to allow users to create new weapons or gameplay in the game. These updates should be coming in the next few months. Also you are able to receive a new weapon by viewing the video below. Enjoy!


Dying Light (PS4, Xbox One, PC) Review

Zombies have been quite popular over the past few years, with various television shows and video games. Techland has created a open world FPS survival horror game that pits you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse  called Dying Light. There was a similar game that was released a few years ago that featured similarities to Dying Light called Dead Island, which caused many to want to know made this game different.

It is hard to not compare Dying Light with Dead Island, but will Dying Light be able to make it’s own unique mark in the video game market. Let’s get into the review and Find Out!


Dying Light takes place in Harran, a  city of Turkey, that has been quarantine due to an outbreak which has turned its citizens to zombies and much more indescribable monsters.

The main protagonist you take control of is Kyle Crane. Kyle is an dying_light_wallpaper_by_kaboomduck-d6dfvj1 operative who has been set to Harran to investigate the area. Crane is quickly thrown into the chaos of Harran and is saved by a group of survivors and learns the situation of Harran is much worst than what his organization anticipated and joins with the remaining survivors. This begins Kyle’s journey into trying to survive Harran, and figure out the mystery behind the outbreak killing many of the population.

Without going too much into the game plot, I must say that, the plot of Dying Light was quite interesting. I actually did care about Kyle and the various survivors he interacts with. The game tries to have as much narrative as it has in gameplay.



Dying Light is a first person perspective type of game, you play as Kyle going through out Harran facing zombies and different monstrous creatures.

In Dying Light, you traverse through Harran completing various missions for the locals to continue the main story. But there are side missions also that help with the background of the game.  You also have a ranking system and a weapons upgrade system that you can craft new weapons and items. These game mechanics are similar to Dead Island, so it is very hard not to compare.


One thing that defines Dying Light is that your character is able to parkour throughout Harran. Running and climbing from building to building was quite fun but takes a little getting use to since games before this, didn’t require combat along with parkour.

Another great gameplay aspect is during the day, You are the hunter, killing zombies and other enemies as you complete different tasks. But at night, you become the hunted as the enemies become much more stronger than you and it is suggested to get back to your safe house before you are killed.


Dying Light also has  a 4-Player Co-Op Campaign system. It is a drop, in-out, so any of your friends can join along with your adventure and help you and rank up as well. The only thing about the Co-Op is that I wished you were able to customize your character,  anyone who joins your game is a randomly generated person, so it would be nice to have some customization options there.


Other than that, the gameplay of Dying Light is quite excellent and it was worth the delays, for the game to be pretty perfect.


Sound: The soundtrack in Dying Light is superb, it was a joy listening to all the intense moments and the voice acting was quite perfect!

With Kyle Crane being voiced by Roger Craig Smith, as many will learn to find out voiced Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil series, it was easy to feel the true emotion of Kyle throughout the game. But also all the supporting characters were on point as well.

Control: The controls in the game were quite fluent, it does take a second to get use to because of how the game attacks are mapped on the controller. But once you do understand it, you can easily access everything you need.

Graphics: Dying Light looks utterly amazing! Just take a look at some of these screenshots.

It is defiantly a great sight, to have this zombie apocalypse take place in Harran.

Final Thoughts:

It is true, it is hard not to compare Dying Light to Dead Island in many aspects. But Dying Light is exactly what Dead Island could have been. It does borrow some gaming techniques from other games also. But gets everything right in the process plus adds more of its own flavor. It makes it’s own identity  by mixing new gameplay elements and having the Hunter/Hunted aspect to the game, that makes it refreshing. If you are someone who loves zombies and have some friends who want to enjoy a good game with a great story and gameplay. Dying Light will not disappoint!

Good Night. Good Luck.




Xenoblade Chronicles 3D To Release Exclusively to New Nintendo 3DS

During the final months of the Wii generation cycle. There was a campaign in the US, to bring three JRPGs that were released in Japan, to the American Market. The most talked about title was Xenoblade Chronicles, becoming one of the defining titles of why gamers should have owned a Wii.

Well the news has been released today that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be re-released on the new Nintendo 3DS. But Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is exclusively only for the new Nintendo 3DS and will not play on older models. The new Nintendo 3DS will be released on February 13th.



The new game will support Streetpass and also letting owners receive in-game tokens to use on unlocking music and character models. Owners of Super Smash Bros and the Shulk amiibo are also able to earn tokens with it also. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be released on April 10, 2015.


Check out the announcement trailer below:

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