Here in this section you will find our interviews from various individuals involved with the Gaming Industry.

Georgia Van Cuylenburg 

Georgia Van Cuylenburg Podcast Interview

P. Scott Patterson

P. Scott Patterson Podcast Interview

Danimal Cannon

Danimal Cannon Podcast Interview

J. Teddy Garces

J Teddy Garces Video Interview

Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo Interview


Cas Anvar Video Interviews

3 thoughts on “INTERVIEWS”

  1. I watched and listened to the interviews and I would like to say man, i’m glad Gwendolyn said “I was glad to see she wasn’t wearing a bikini!” So true! It’s like the female characters are for gratifying the sexual idiolization of fanboyism instead of pure contextual basis which is frustrating. And I believe I did say “OMG I’m sooo glad it wasn’t a stereotypical voice like Oh Rooo We hab to excapee”

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