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Playstation TV Gets Release Date

Sony released that they had plans to release a new device to continue on with the Playstation Legacy of revolutionary technology, during their E3 conference with Playstation TV.

Playstation TV will be a media and gaming device that will have 700 games available at launch. Amongst these games, there will be Playstation 1, PSP, and Playstation Vita titles playable digitally.

Playstation TV will cost $99.99 and will be released on October 14th.


BioShock: Infinite Complete Edition is Possibly Coming

BioShock: Infinite was a major hit in the series when it was originally released. Spawning some DLC content to further the gaming experience. Listed on for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, is the title BioShock: Infinite Complete Edition with the price of $40.

There has not been official word from 2K on the title listing but we are sure that this will be a game that will be coming very soon.

On the listing it does have a release date of November 4th, stating that it will package all previously released DLC.


P.T.’s Lisa Will Be in Metal Gear Solid 5

Since Gamescom PS4 gamers have been terrorized by the Playable Trailer for Silent Hills. There have been some new details on Metal Gear Solid 5 that makes for some interesting news.

The stalking ghost know as Lisa in P.T. will be used as a device for Snake to use to distract or attract guards, by showing the image of her to bring attention so Snake can continue his mission.

Check out the terrifying new gadget:

Xbox One Exclusive, “D4″ to Be Released Tomorrow

One of the big surprise that came out of the Tokyo Game Show was that the team behind the Deadly Premonition series, stated that their Xbox One Exclusive game, D4, will be released tomorrow!

The game will be released digitally and will release with a prologue, episode one, and two with some free content to follow.