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Gioteck SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller PS3 Review

Gioteck was awesome enough to send me my very own SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller for my PS3!!! Let me start off with saying “Thank you Gioteck!!” also, I love this controller.


The controller it self is coated in this soft rubber-like material (which I’m sure its rubber) and is weighted just right for a great feel.  I do have to admit that I have small hands, so it honestly impacts my game-play if the controller is larger. Gioteck’s design is sleek and comfortable for hours of game play. The Gioteck SC-1 has programmable buttons, however I did not have the opportunity yet to program them (The F1 and F2).  The battery life in the manual says up 25 hours of gaming, I have seemed to get a little more than that.  A major plus to the controller is you can change the sensitivity on the thumb-sticks which I found to be awesome for playing in almost any game.

Also the controller features a “Turbo” button when programmed it will simulate as if the button is being pressed rapidly. A huge plus!! The programming of the buttons are easy to use and the instructions are easy to understand as well. In case you loose your instruction manual (Or if your cat claims it as his own and wont let you near it) you can find it here.

Over all this controller has my vote for being a great controller. I would strongly recommended this for any gamer. After using this controller for so long my original PS3 controller feels very foreign to me. The lightweight-ness alone for this controller makes it a great to own item. But, if you need a programmable, good feel, good looking controller, look no further!

I will include a video over the weekend so you can see first hand how awesome it is!