Bioshock Infinite Review for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

The original Bioshock is responsible for many of the most memorable icons in gaming. From the city of Rapture to the Big Daddy, Bioshock was an incredible and memorable thrill ride. After a sequel made by another developer, Irrational Games has returned to the Bioshock universe with Bioshock Infinite. Is Bioshock Infintie as magical as it’s original journey under the sea? Keep reading to find out.

In Bioshock Infinite, you play as Booker Dewitt, a man in debt. A deal is offered to Booker. He must travel to the floating city of Columbia and bring back an imprisoned girl named Elizabeth. However, to free Elizabeth, Booker will have to get through two warring factions, the Vox Populi and the followers of the Prophet. The story is an exciting thrill ride with an ending that will blow you away.

Bioshock Infinite has a beautiful atmosphere. Being in a floating city among the clouds in the early 1900s is an incredible and unique experience. The people of Columbia are perfect for that time, as racism is a huge part of society but is treated as it is completely acceptable. Bioshock Infinite looks gorgeous. Both the landscape and the character design are both amazing. The sound design is equally amazing. The voice acting is top notch as even the minor enemies and random NPC’s voices are great. The soundtrack is perfect for the time and very exciting. The sounds of the atmosphere help immerse the player in Columbia.

The Gameplay in Bioshock Infinite is very comfortable. The controls are very similar to the original Bioshock, which is great. Booker can use all of the powers, called Vigors, at any point once he finds them. These Vigors vary from the ability to possess enemies to blocking enemy shots and sending them right back at enemies.


 Sadly, Booker can only use two weapons at a time, which is a feature that does make gameplay more strategic but is sorely missed from the first Bioshock.Much like the last two Bioshock games, players can pick up collectible audio files and can upgrade health, shields, vigor and weapons, which adds to the strategy of the game.

Elizabeth is very useful during Bioshock Infinite. You do not need to worry about protecting Elizabeth. In fact, Elizabeth is always traveling around the map, looking for health and ammo for Booker. Elizabeth also has the ability to create “Tears”. These tears can spawn things like gun turrets and cover, to help Booker get through combat. Elizabeth can even pick locks using lock picks Booker can use sky-rails to glide around the city. This helps make the game more fast paced and exciting. These additions enhance the gameplay and help make a Bioshock an incredible experience.

Bioshock Infinite is a purely amazing experience. With a perfect atmosphere, in both visuals and sound design. Bioshock also features awesome gameplay and an incredible narrative. Along with an ending that was utterly amazing that is hard to forget, Bioshock Infinite is a thrill ride that you do not want to pass up.

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