Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360/Playstation 3) Review

Resident Evil 6 is a third person Action-Survival Horror game that was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 by Capcom on October 2. In recent years, Resident Evil fans have had mixed feelings about the action oriented direction of the series. Capcom has promised gamers that Resident Evil 6 will please all fans of the series. Does Resident Evil 6 live up to the promises that Capcom made? Let’s find out.


Resident Evil 6 contains four smaller stories to make up one large story. In the first story, Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper as they are investigating an Incident in Tall Oaks similar to the Racoon City incident. Meanwhile, Chris Redfield and his fellow BSAA member, Piers Nivans, fight against a Bio-terrorist attack in China. At the same time, Sherry Birkin, a survivor from the Racoon City incident, has become an agent and is trying to prevent the “C-Virus” by utilizing the special blood of Jake Muller. While all of this is going on, Ada Wong is behind the scenes trying to accomplish her own goals.

All of the stories are good on their own. but when pieced together, they make an interesting and entertaining adventure. Despite the story being entertaining, I was still left with a fair share of unanswered questions. Some questions remained unanswered, even after completing the Ada Wong campaign.

GameplayLike most Resident Evil games, the downfall of the games are the controls and gameplay mechanics.At first, the controls are a weird blend of loose and stiff, but you may be able to adjust to it. However, there are certain points where the controls became completely broken and makes the game almost unplayable.

Capcom decided to do away with the old upgrade system and introduce a new skill system. The new system is just not as good  as the old skill system, which upgrades being attached to each individual gun.

Mercenaries Mode returns along with the brand new mode, Agent Hunt. Mercenaries mode is somewhat better this time around, but nothing has really changed. However, the new Agent Hunt mode is horrible. Hit detection is broken. Movement is more clunky then the rest of the game. It is simply not fun and terrible. Something really cool that Capcom put in Resident Evil 6 is the intersection feature. At certain points of the campaigns, the characters will meet up and work together. At this time real players can come into your game as those characters and will leave once the characters part ways.

The boss fights were annoying at best.Boss fights become incredibly repetitive, as you will fight the same bosses multiple times throughout the game.


The atmosphere in Resident Evil 6 is phenomenal.It perfectly matches the mood of each individual campaign. The enemy design is also creative and well done. From Subway tunnels to the streets of China, Resident Evil 6 nails it’s presentation.

The sounds in Resident Evil 6 are good. The soundtrack compliments the design and mood if the game. The voice acting is great and enemies sound pretty good as well.
Resident Evil 6 is a good game. What it does right, is great. That being said, Resident Evil fans should enjoy this game. Old School Resident Evil horror fans will enjoy the Leon campaign. Resident Evil 5 fans will enjoy Chris’ campaign. Fans of Resident Evil 3 will enjoy Jake’s campaign. However, Newcomers may not enjoy this game.

Final Score