Sleeping Dogs DLC Packs for October

Square Enix has shed some light on the upcoming DLC for Sleeping Dogs, the sand box game that has you playing as a cop from Hong Kong. The first pack,  the Community Gift Pack, will be free.

The second DLC, titled Street Racer Pack, is all about street racing and the vehicles used for racing. The pack includes the following:

• Exclusive new Sting bike with fastest acceleration and increased handling
• Exclusive new Dragon outfit with reduced damage from accidents and gunfire
• Three new races in bikes, cars and speedboats

The second pack is the SWAT Pack. The pack adds Twenty new and replayable cop missions, featuring a unique SWAT outfit & SWAT van. The third Pack is called the Tactical Soldier Pack. The pack will give you some fancy new armor and the most powerful gun in the game.

All of the DLC packs are coming soon.

Post by Jerome Weiswasser

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