Spartacus Legends will be Free-To-Play on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network

Ubisoft announced yesterday at Digital Days Event that it’s XBLA and PSN title Spartacus Legends which is a tie in to the Spartacus TV series, will be free to play on all platforms. The combat is shaping up and console Free-To-Play games are on the rise, especially since the announcement of Microsoft’s F-2-P Happy Wars, it makes this writer wonder what will we see next?

Post by: Michael Robinson

New Tour Dates For The Legend of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the goddess was here in Philadelphia last month and it was one of the greatest things ever.(I mean that.) New tour dates have been announced and here is the updated tour list.

Sept. 15: Toronto; Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Sept. 22: Minneapolis; Orpheum Theatre
Oct. 12: Dallas; AT&T Performing Arts Center
Oct. 18: Boston; Wang Theatre
Oct. 25: Chicago; The Chicago Theatre
Nov. 3: San Antonio; The Majestic Theatre
Nov. 6: Calgary, Alberta; Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Nov. 28: New York; The Theater at Madison Square Garden
Dec. 8: West Palm Beach, Fla.; Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts
Dec. 9: Miami; Adrienne Arsht Center
Dec.14: San Jose, Calif.; San Jose Civic

Post by Jerome Weiswasser

The End of G4; The End of an Era

Most people, including myself grew up on G4. X play is what drew me into G4. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb kept me entertained every time I tuned in. At its start, X play had a very low-budget and passion for what they were doing showed. To this day I still remember such characters as Drunk Link and Ratty. There was a time where G4 was all about video games and it was f****** awesome.

However, as time went on, something happened. G4 began to acquire more funding, and began changing their overall

Never forget Drunk Link

focus. Gaming took a backseat to other focuses, and quite frankly, I hated it. The years continued and my consumption of gaming news changed.

By 2008, I had stopped watching G4 completely. I was tired of G4 and had moved on. However, Earlier this year, My attention was drawn back to G4, but not in a way G4 wanted. Kevin  Pereira and Adam Sessler, two of my favorite G4 personalities, had left G4. At this point I had personally proclaimed G4 as dead, in terms of a gaming media outlet.

It would seem that this death has become official. According to a report on Variety, G4 – one of the only TV stations in the world with a “geek” mandate – will be “rebranded” early next year, resulting in a change of focus and possibly a change of name as well.  This means that G4 is finished.

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Call of Juarez Gunslinger Announcement Trailer

The last Call of Juarez had players getting involved in fighting the modern-day drug cartels alone or with your friends, but now developers Techland known also for Dead Island are heading for XBLA, PSN and PC, and they’re clearly heading back into its Wild Western roots. Here’s the trailer below:

Post by Michael Robinson