Battlefield 3 Armored Kill is out tomorrow for Battlefield Premium members on the PS3, and Sept 11th on the Xbox 360 and PC, and to prepare DICE have revealed its full Assignments, Trophies/Achievements list:

Armored Superiority
Unlocks the Armored Superiority Basic Dog Tag
> 50 kills in MBT’s

Mechanized Infantry
Unlocks the Mechanized Infantry Basic Dog Tag
> 50 kills in IFV’s

Get to tha Choppa
Unlocks the Get to tha Choppa Basic Dog Tag
> 50 kills with scout or attack helicopters
> Destroy 25 MBT’s with scout or attack helicopters

Unlocks the Maverick Basic Dog Tag
> 50 kills with jets
> Destroy 25 attack or scout helicopters with jets

Need a ride?
Unlocks the Need a Ride Basic Dog Tag
> 50 kills in jeeps, boats, quads or transport helicopters
> 50 squad driver assists

There will also be five assignments which are open to all players:

Wired Attack
Unlocks Tank Destroyer TOW
> Destroy 10 Tank Destroyers and 1 Mobile Artillery

Explosive Danger
Unlocks HE ammo for Tank Destroyers
> Get 15 kills with Tank Destroyer

Need Repair
Unlocks Tank Destroyer Firing Extinguisher
> Repair 20 friendly vehicles

Rocket Specialist
Unlocks Airburst for Mobile Artillery
> Get 10 kills with Mobile Artillery

Anti-air Support
Unlocks Anti-air missiles for Mobile Artillery
> Get 15 kills in the Gunship


Death from above
> Get a kill with the Gunship

> Destroy the Gunship

> Get a kill with the quad bike

> Win a round of Tank Superiority

> Get 10 kills each with Tank destroyer and Mobile Artillery