Indie Game Review: OCD (Obsessive Collecting Disorder)


(Obsessive Collective Disorder)

OCD is an Xbox Live Arcade game not related to the disorder (kinda). OCD is an addictive flash like game where it tasks the player to collect all the coins in a level as a stickman. Sounds easy right? WRONG! This game has multiple stages and in each stage is multiple levels. The goal is to start at stage 1, level 1 and work your way to the last level in the stage with only 3 lives. Not only does each level in a stage have a pattern for collecting the coins, but it also has deadly objects that will kill the character upon touching them. Die 3 times and you have to start the stage over again at level 1.

The game is extremely addicting and also very frustrating. I don’t mean this in a bad way simply because most of the problems are player error. I either jumped too soon or simply forgot the pattern and wound up dead. I had a blast playing the game and I will continue to play it until I beat the game on both the normal, and the insane difficulty. So far I am on stage 3 of insane, and the game is seeming to become impossible. However the old school gamer in me will continue to push forward just like I did paying the original Ninja Gaiden.

The graphics look like a typical flash game you can play in your browser, the sound is fun and catchy, and the gameplay borders between near impossible and very addictive. I could play this game all day and somehow not manage to punch a hole in my wall. For that I give it a

Final Score


Review by: Cameron Zoldak