Arcade Game Review: Hybrid For XBLA (Xbox 360)

We were able to check out the newest game to hit the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace this week, an online multiplayer called Hybrid. Hybrid has a futuristic story line that two factions, Variants and Paladins, are fighting against each other to have control throughout the whole world (Literally). I found that the story wasn’t very important because after the tutorial is over,  you are lashed into the world map to pick your area of the world you would like to battle in. It has a very similar feel to the multiplayer in Crysis 2.

Hybrid has a few multiplayer modes you can choose from and once you pick your match, you get to choose your weapons, grenade, and perk. The game does take some time to load up the match but then you are able to begin.  Hybrid plays like most online multiplayer games, you get killstreaks and perk after each kill and gain experience after each match. The set up for matches are that, players are put into an arena and will have to move from cover to cover, using a jet pack to get around the area. The kicker is that you can be shot from any direction, so you will always have to be on alert. After receiving a few kills, you are able to call in a drone, that will either follow you as you attack other players, or it will follow other players and attack them for you, etc.

After matches, you are able to gain experience and rank up, which causes you to be able to receive better guns, perks, and money for customizing your character. Now, in Hybrid, you are able to customize your Variant or Paladin to your liking. You can even give it the head of “Minecraft Steve” or A Creeper from Minecraft! There are many different appearances you can come up with for your custom character which is nice.

But overall, I felt the game was stuck in a niche. It was only targeted to players who like online multiplayer, and since there is no story mode to speak of really, the online multiplayer is all that Hybrid has going for it. And for most games, the multiplayer is the second addition to the story mode. If you don’t care for online multiplayer games, or you don’t even have Xbox Live Gold, this game will not be for you. It does have a cool feel to it, but I think that it doesn’t have much going for it to keep people playing for years to come. But it is a great attempt, at trying to do something different with an often used genre. I highly suggest trying out the demo before purchasing, just to ensure you will like it.