Product Review: Orei Wii To HDMI Converter Box

The Orei Wii to HDMI Converter Box is exactly what it says it is, it is converter box that makes your Wii play in a HDMI display. Mainly, since the Wii is displayed by using component cables, could this converter box be an answer for Wii owners who are wanting a crisp quality picture to their console? Let’s Get Into the Review to Find Out!

When I received the Orei Wii to HDMI Converter Box, I was a bit on the fence on the product, because I couldn’t image the Wii being able to play in full 720p or 1080p. I have seen what HD component cable have done to the display of the Wii, which it does help clear the image, but wasn’t to my satisfaction.

Simply, all you need for the Converter Box is a HDMI cable. You receive just the Converter Box and you plug the HDMI cable into the back of the Box and plug the combined unit into your Wii Visual Outlet. Once you have done that, you have to use a small object to push the 720p and 1080p button to display it. Once you do that, your Wii is all set! I was very impressed and amazed by what the product did for my Wii Display. Games began to look crisper, brighter, and much more clear. Check out these comparing pictures to see the difference.


                      Component                                                         Orei Wii To HDMI 

I highly recommend this product to owners of the Wii, who would want their TV to display, the Best Video Quality for the Wii that is out there.



Check out the Wii to HDMI Converter Box on the Orei Website Here

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