Recently, I received a review code for EvilQuest, an indie title by Chaos Soft Games. Naturally, the title drew me in; I wanted to play, especially since villainy was a possibility. The question remains, how good is this title? Let’s get our Indie on and check it out!



The Story: Silly and fun. You play as Galvis, a dark lord that is hell-bent on destroying the world. To do this, he must gain the Chaos Axe to strike down God in the astral plane. However, no quest is that simple, you wake up in prison after a betrayal, and you must regain your lost possessions. You will also have to break four seals to enter the astral plane, earth, fire, lightning, and ice. The game isn’t too long, 5 hours tops, but the plot is definitely there and amusing.

The Gameplay: Fun. Sheer fun. It is very old school; you are on a 2-D map controlling your sprite like any old school RPG, gaining weapons, skills, and armor to defeat tough enemies. There are charge attacks for your weapons, and higher level spells to gain, and always hidden chests to make your life easier. Then there’s character stats and leveling up, the factor that makes this game constantly fresh and fun. At each level up you get a certain amount of skill points to allocate onto four stats, Strength (affects damage), Toughness (Affects Defenses), Vitality (More HP), and Intelligence (MP and spell power). This game allows you to make the choices as to what build you want to play, so it is always worth playing for any type of player.

The Artwork: Cutesy and very old school feeling. I enjoyed the artwork with the basic setup of scenery and music, the game was well crafted in this department, so long as you enjoy old school titles.

All in all, I loved this title. For the dollar it costs, I’d spend 10. Definitely go out on your computer or XBLIG and pick up this title. EvilQuest scores a 4.75/5 with Indie Chris.

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