Crytek Working With Nintendo on Possible New Wii U Project?

Recently, it has been unveiled that Crytek and Nintendo have a new mystery
partnership. There is now the chance that the Wii U will see the third
installment in the popular Crysis series coming to it. “I wouldn’t say there’s
no chance,” Mike Read, Crytek producer, said. “I mean the Wii U still doesn’t
have any kind of release attached to it at this point. Who knows what the future
will bring with it. I can definitely say that we are working with Nintendo, and
that’s about all I can say on that front.”

Just months ago, back in May, Rasmus
Hoejengaard, Director of Creative Development, said that there was “not a fat
chance” that this game would be shipped out for the Wii U. This new partnership
shows that this subject has done a complete 180; While it hasn’t been confirmed,
things are looking better and better for future Wii U owners. Be sure to check
back here first for the latest news as the subject unfolds.

Post by: Chris Pac