New Final Fantasy XIII Announcement Will Be Happening September 1st

Square Enix is set to make a new announcement for the Final Fantasy XIII series at their Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event.  The FFXIII stage is set to take place around 11:30 on September 1st.  The title of this presentation is allegedly called “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation”.  This could potentially mean that we may see a Final Fantasy XIII-3.  Though this announcement could potentially mean anything, but one can infer from “Lightning Saga” that whatever it is they have to announce would include Lighting in some way.  What this means is that since Lightning’s sister Serah is the main character of XIII-2, we could  be seeing a new game.

The Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event will be taking place between August 31st and September 2nd.  There is scheduled to be a Final Fantasy XI music presentation and some new details on Final Fantasy XIV version 2.0. The biggest thing Square Enix could do during this event would be to shed some more light on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  Will that game ever be release or will it be doomed to obscurity and fan tears?

Post by Christopher Robus