Madden Lawsuit Reaches Settlement, EA to Retain NFL License

EA has been in a long heated lawsuit over having an alleged “monopoly” over the exclusive NFL license. The lawsuit has been going on now for 4 years and a 27 million dollar settlement was the ultimate outcome of the legal battle. Gamers who bought a EA sports game for the Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii are entitled to a whooping $1.95. While gamers who bought a Madden game for the PS2, GameCube or Xbox are entitled to a little bit more at $6.79.

The biggest ramification to come out of this settlement is the five-year ban between EA Sports and the NCAA. Once their current contract expires in 2014 EA sports will not be able to sign an exclusive contract with the NCAA. This is not as overly impacting as it sounds. This only means that EA Sports cannot be the only college sports game makers. Other companies will be able to come in and make contracts with the NCAA but no one will be able to have exclusive rights to them.

Hopefully with this settlement we will be able to see new companies come in and give some challenge to the EA Sports giant. I really hope that this promotes some economic competition with game developers. Only by forcing companies to compete with each other, will we truly get the best games that developers can make.

Post by Christopher Robus