PC Game Review: Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece

Hegemony is an RTS based game created by the few workers at Longbow Games. The game is set in ancient Greece and you control the Macedonians and their leader, Phillip of Macedonia. The 80+ hour campaign will lead you through almost every historical battle the Macedonians were in.

The game plays like any other RTS, you create units from bases and certain units are stronger vs others. Each unit can be upgraded in battle as they kill other opposing units. The biggest thing about this game that sets it apart, is the way you can control the map. With the scroll of the mouse wheel, you can zoom out from the micromanagement of battle and literally zoom to the entire map of Greece…..with no loading screen. It is extremely fluent and is very useful when controlling battles on multiple fronts.

The other mechanic that caught my eye was how resources work. No longer do you need to have units mine precious minerals for hours. The game literally is set up just how life would be. There are farms and mines scattered throughout the map and you can set up supply lines between farms and cities. If an enemy faction takes over a farm or mine however, you lose the supply line. They can also kill the carts carrying supplies to your base, leaving the people inside towns to starve out. With this sort of resource mechanic you can have wars of attrition against garrison forces. If your force is strong enough to withstand the garrison, you can starve out the opposing force and they will give up the town.

I mentioned earlier that this game was made by a small team, Longbow Games is a team of 5 hard working programmers, artists, and writers. For being such a small team, they have made a game that would rival the work of a huge studio who has all the funding they need. The graphics are top notch, the sound is crisp and clear, and a lot of thought went into the gameplay and mechanics.
I have really enjoyed the game so far, but I’m only halfway through the first campaign. I can see myself playing this game for quite some time. Added to the replayability is a sandbox mode where you can choose a faction and make your own battles. Just like any other RTS you choose opposing factions and the game parameters and you’re all set for a custom battle.

I can’t wait to see what Longbow Games does next. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and had a great time talking with them at Origins Game Fair. I did have an interview with them, but sadly the background noise drowned out everything else. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to talk to them soon or maybe even get them on #GamerChatWeekly.

Final Score:


Post by Cameron Zoldak