Fable: The Journey To Be 30 Hours Long

Lionhead have a lot to prove with Fable: The Journey, it’s the first game in the series that will be a Kinect title. As Kinect titles go, they aren’t all that appreciated. Claiming this to be the biggest Fable game made so far, Lionhead is out to prove that this isn’t just another casual game.

Gary Carr had this to say, “It’s three-times the size of the last Fable we made and it’s a beautifully rick game. I play this game every two days, it’s my job now to play it and feedback on it. Now I know what I’m doing it takes me about 15 hours to complete, so it’s a very lengthy experience.

Lion Head claims that the first play through will take about 30 hours. Will this be enough to convince gamers to buy the game? That’s up to you the players to decide. Fable: The Journey is due to release October 9 and will be Kinect required.


Post by: Jeremy Kratka