Arcade Game Review: Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall Of Hendon for XBLA

When we received our review copy of Dungeon Fighter Live from Nexon, I was very excited to check this game out. After some research, I found out that the game had been previously done for the PC and was free to play. So this would be my first experience with the series. Will Dungeon Fighter Live translate well over to the console? Let’s get into the review and find out!

Dungeon Fighter Live is a old school 2D side scroller beat ‘em up. This genre is definitely my element, considering I grew up in the Sega Genesis generation with games like Streets of Rage and Golden Axe, so I felt right at home. Now something different about Dungeon Fighter Live  is that they added RPG elements to the game. It is a mixture of two genres but I was excited to see what Dungeon Fighter was going to bring to the table.

When you began the game, you have a choice between 3 different fighters. The Fighter, The Gunner, and The Slayer. That is it. So for some people, it may lose the connection between themselves and the characters, by how plain their names are. After you choose your character, the game begins and it has a real dynamic art style for the story segments. That was one thing I wanted to mention about it, the story cutscenes involve comic book like scenes with some dialogue text. I was really impressed by the anime like style they went for and was excited to start the game. Then the game began…

After a quick tutorial, you start with your Dungeon Fighter on their quest to defeat dungeons! This is where some of the problems start. Your character is very stiff and controlling them isn’t as fluent as most beat ‘em ups. Each character has cool moves they can do but especially in the first few levels you don’t really need to do much but hit one button because the enemies barely attack you. I assumed the reason was because  your character is at level 1 but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a challenge at all. You then go into a town where you can converse with the townsfolk, buy items, purchase skills, and receive quests.

The first part of the game, you have to go through basic difficulty levels to get to the next dungeon. All the areas look exactly the same, a forest, and you are basically going in the same environment but different directions with maybe a tree or flower difference. For some people, this being the first part of the game, will be too repetitive and all the enemies are exactly the same. You don’t feel like your getting any further because you are going in the same areas to do these quests. Later on you are able to go through dungeons but that is after trucking through the forest area.

The RPG elements in this game, you can equip armor and weapons and purchase new weapons and skills. To be honest, I think that it should have been left out. I think it was great that they wanted to be different with this game. But it made the game too confusing, and they don’t really fully explain. There is  a document in the help screen of how to play, but it didn’t help. When you are fighting, you have to remember which item is where to use it. The game uses both the right bumper and right trigger for hot keys which can add to the confusion while in battle. I thought that the armor didn’t change anything because I still was getting hurt the same, if it was equipped or not.

For the multiplayer , I think is where the game will shine and make people continue to play. Dungeon Fighter Live supports local and online 4 player co-op. This is great for people who have friends online or at home. But the biggest thing about it is, if you have two players, that is fine. Three? That is pushing it but its workable. But if you have four people on screen, it can be a completely chaos. Especially, if two or more people are playing with the same character, you will be confused. Double characters look exactly the same, with a small different colored arrow separating the difference. It can be frustrating.  Beyond that, the local and online play did go smoothly, there was no lag. But be aware when playing online, you may not find anyone playing at first, this could be due to this game being a new release.

Overall though, despite the flaws I did enjoy this game. I think if it was simply just a beat ‘em up, it would lessen the confusion and awkwardness the game has. It does have the local co-op going for it, since it is a dying breed. It is definitely  worth mentioning that the soundtrack of the game is top notch! I did really enjoy the music in the game though. The single player experience should be passed, but if you have friends to play with, this game wouldn’t be too bad to try out.

Final Score


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