Halo 4 Xbox Console Revealed

Freshly revealed was the Halo 4 themed console at Comic-Con in front of thousands of Halo fans. The console is in spectacular design with not just one but two controllers, as well as a copy of Halo 4 itself. Also containing a massive 320GB hard drive and all the benefits of the Slim Xbox model. It will also come with tokens for in-game and Avatar items in the natural theme of Halo 4. Oh, you know how the ring and guide of the Xbox is green, well expect that no longer! The lights now glow blue to match the theme of the console. For those who must have this it, it will cost $399.99 and is available for Pre-order. So make sure you have your copy of Halo 4, regular or Limited edition, or go out and pre-order this fancy machine. Halo 4 is due to release November 6 , and the date can’t come soon enough.

Post by: Jeremy Kratka