Bargain Game Review: Chromehounds for Xbox 360

Recently, while searching through the bargain game bin, I unearthed Chromehounds, a six year old treasure. With giant mechs doing battle as cover art, I was immediately interested in this game. That day, I purchased the game and brought it home, here’s what I thought.

Gameplay: The game starts you off slow and steady, giving detailed tutorials and a pre-story simulation for every class, allowing you to get a feel for the mech type before you unleash chaos. While controls are a tad bit funky, mainly with maneuvering around, it’s manageable. You play as one of six mech classes in each story arc, and while the story seems distant and almost non-existent, I found that it was no issue, since I was focused on the mission at hand.

The Mech suits, or Hounds: If you’re looking for a cyber/futuristic laser gun mech game turn back now. This game more focuses on a realistic sort of mech suit. Each mech is fully equipped with an array of military grade weaponry, anything from machine guns to multi-rocket launchers, making each mech a force to be reckoned with.

Customizable Hounds: A boon and a curse at the same time. It’s nice, make your own Hound, right? Well, there’s a downside. You have to unlock each and every piece you want to use, and some parts are an absolute hassle to get. Yet still, I was absorbed into the customization aspect of the game. They allow you to rotate the pieces and angle them in multiple ways, only in certain slots, yet still it added a sense of individuality. Also, for all you emblem lovers, you can make multiple emblems and place them ANYWHERE on your Hound, allowing you to have a truly one-of-a-kind Hound.

The Scenery: It’s a bit bland and repetitive. While it is a six year old game, I feel like it could have done something more. There’s nothing bad about it, yet still it gets old fast.

The Combat: It’s a little bit stiff, yet it is fun. I found that the Hounds were realistic, targeting my different parts and each amount of damage to certain part caused adverse effects upon my Hound. Naturally, you have to defend your cockpit, a dead pilot equals a useless Hound. Each weapon has a different range and arc-style, making each weapon useful on the battlefield. You never forget each weapon you possess, as each of them has a useful purpose in your arsenal.

All in all, this game is definitely worth picking up if you can find it. Mech-filled battlefields were enough to draw me in. Find this game for as low as 3.50 used at game stores, a bargain game for a bargain price, scoring a 4/5. GAME ON!

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Post by Christopher Pac


One thought on “Bargain Game Review: Chromehounds for Xbox 360”

  1. This game really rocks on-line, where you play as a merc in a dynamic campaign with your friends. Hound customization becames a matter of strategy and style more than fitting one of the standard classes. You can build awesome beasts, better than any machine in single player campaign.

    Unfortunatelly, SEGA decided to close on-line servers some years ago, rendering this great game almost useless.