Nintendo 3DS XL Unveiled

Last night, at their Nintendo direct video conference, Nintendo announced a new version of the Nintendo 3DS called the 3DS XL. The new version of the 3DS features a different shell and larger screens for the top and bottom. The stereoscopic 3D screen jumps 3.53 inches to 4.88 inches., while the bottom touchscreen increases from 3 inches to 4.18 inches. The systems battery life has also been slighty up graded. The original 3DS had a battery life of 3-5.5 hours for Nintendo 3DS games. The New 3DS XL will have 3.5 – 6.5 hours of play for games made for the 3DS. A 4GB memory card will come packed in, but an AC adapter will be missing in order to keep system price down.

The 3DS XL will launch in North America on  August 19, the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2 will launch for $199.99. The 3DS XL will launch in Red and Blue(seen above).

Post by Jerome Weiswasser