Web Browser Tool Review: Kritbot Browser App

**What exactly is Kritbot?**

“In a nutshell, it is a free news ticker, search tool, and breaking news notifier all in one simple toolbar.”

That’s an actual quote from the Kritbot website. We were asked by a representative from Kritbot.com to try out and review their gaming toolbar.

My first concern while I was downloading this was how intrusive it was going to be. As a rule I try to limit toolbars because I feel like they take up precious real estate on my screen, so adding one more, gaming related or not did not fill me with much confidence.

I downloaded it, installed it within minutes and was pleasantly surprised to see this little black bar appear at the bottom of my screen. At first, I hadn’t even noticed it as I was trying to find it amongst the other ones on top.

Beyond simple to use, the Kritbot toolbar is a little gem of an idea, newsworthy subjects show up as links across its face or you can expand it to reveal a list of subjects that you can then search through. There is also a feature that minimizes it to a little nub of an icon.

So right now in gaming news, as I write this, thanks to Kritbot….

Second Lawsuit Filed Against THQ Over uDraw Disclosures

The refresh rate of the headlines is well timed, and the whole thing is unobtrusive (which to me is what won me over).

This is a beta so I am not sure how close it is to the actual finished product or how customizable it will become.

As stated on their site

“This bar will soon become a free browser plugin for Chrome, FireFox and Safari. The bar will follow you everywhere you go reporting the news.”

And for that I will keep this toolbar installed.

Make sure to check out www.kritbot.com to download the toolbar and try it out for yourself, you never know, a UGRGaming.com story may show up.

Final Score


Review by: Patrice Juneau