Attack of the Fanboys Part 2, An E3 Funny

   *Playstation press conference, video montage ends, Sony President walks on stage*

SCEA Pres: I’m glad you all could make it to the Playstation E3 press conference

this year.

Fanboy 2: Booooo!!!! This stuff stinks!

Fanboy 3: Everyone knows Playstation will flop because they don’t have Halo!

Fanboy 1: Shhh guys. They might reveal Cloud. He’s only the most badass

character in all times. They’re totally going to reveal a Final Fantasy 7 remake

this year.

Fanboy 2: Cloud sucks! Sony sucks! Get a life loser!

Fanboy 3: Yeah, nobody likes little fanboys like you. You’re ruining the show!

Fanboy 1: You’re just mad because Cloud could kick Master Chief’s and all of

Nintendo’s asses. There’s no way he’d lose.

SCEA President: Seriously? Who are these jokers? Security!

Fanboy 2: Yeah right. You wish! Nintendo is so much better than this!

Fanboy 3: And Cloud would totally lose to Master Chief, no contest.

Fanboy 1: You just don’t get the drive that Cloud has. He’s fueled by hatred,

anguish, and depression, caused by the ultimate villain, Sephiroth.

Fanboy 2: The ultimate villain is Ganon!

Fanboy 3: No! It’s Guilty Spark all the way! *beefy guy approaches*

Fanboy 1: I know what you’re going to say sir, and I agree. These simpletons

need some Cloud appreciation.

Security: You bozos again? *grabs all 3* you’re coming with me.

Fanboy 1: Noooo! But I’ll miss the Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer!

Security: They don’t pay me enough for this…

*Fade Out*

Original Piece by: Christopher Pac