Attack of The Fanboys… A Stunning Conclusion

*UGR Gaming Private Room, UGR Executives and President present, reel of all the fanboy clips are playing*

Chris: This is cruel.
Patrice: No, it’s just plain hilarious.
Jerome: I feel bad for them.
Jeremy: Don’t. They’re our pawns. If we say dance, they must dance. Mwahahaha!
Brandon: Chris, isn’t this hazing?
Chris: Nah… It’s a social experiment. We’ll be posting an article… well they
will be writing it, the negatives of fanboyism
Brandon: I still don’t see why it’s necessary or professional
Chris: Pish posh. Who will find out? *knock on door* Who is it?
Voice: Security.
Brandon: Great. Now we’ll be barred from E3 for life.
Chris: *opens door, beefy guy and 3 fanboys in doorway* Yes?
Security: They claim to be part of your group.
Chris: Nope. Never seen ‘em before.
Fanboy 1: Wait what?
Fanboy 2: *holding a broken Wii* I tried to save him…
Fanboy 3: It was an act, they’re joking, right boss?
Chris: Sorry, do I know you?
Security: Sorry for the disturbance. *drags the 3 fanboys off* I need a holiday.
Chris: *shuts door* Problem solved!
Brandon: That’s a lawsuit.
Chris: It’s E3, let’s see them prove it. Any which way, we have evidence of the
negatives on fanboys.
*Fade Out*

Original Piece by: Christopher Pac& Jeremy Kratka