Opinion Article:Diablo 3 Mindless Bashing?

I was sent a link today about how badly people on Metacritic.com were tearing Diablo 3 apart.  The game hasn’t even been out for a week and people are already complaining about error’s and bugs. The way I see it, is that the game has only been live to the full public for 48 hours and errors are bound to happen. I was one of those hopeful people at 3am est waiting to play the game and sure enough I got errors and log in issues. The thing about this is, is that I was expecting it. How can you not? Blizzard did not want to release it until everyone in the world could play and somehow people think that millions of people clogging the internet pipes isnt going to create problems? Blizzard however handled it accordingly and opened up more servers. An hour later I was tearing through Act 1 basking in nostalgia to all the Diablo 2 and 1 references.

Even though I have noticed bugs, I think the graphics are fantastic for what it is, the sound is one of the best for a loot and grind and the gameplay is deep and enriching. As far as the story goes it’s better than the other Diablos, but not the best in gaming history, but who cares I really only want to kill the minions of hell! All in all people need to give the game a week of patches and fixes before it’s the way it should be. Now I must go and slaughter some players in PvP.

Here’s the link to the article I spoke of in paragraph one for reference. http://www.destructoid.com/metacritic-user-reviews-tear-diablo-iii-apart-227545.phtml

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