PC Game Review: Depth Hunter

Depth Hunter is a game that involves harpoon fishing and finding hidden treasures in different parts of the world. The game takes place in the underwater reefs of South Africa, The Caribbean, and Thailand. Giving you objectives as you navigate the depths with your harpoon gun.

The gameplay in Depth Hunter is fairly simple. Using the WASD keys you navigate the underwater world as you hunt fish. Using the mouse to aim and shoot, you have to quickly scroll the middle mouse button to try and pull fish in. They also give you a boost, which is set as the space bar to quickly make an escape for sharks or get to the surface to renew your air supply. There are also tasks the ask you to pick up lost treasure or take pictures as well. While the aiming can be a pain at times when trying to hook a fish, the slightest maladjustment as you aim, it will leave you with a miss, making objectives like “catch 2 fish without missing” frustrating.

The graphics may not be something to worry about too much but the underwater scenery of the game is quite breath taking. Swimming through the coral reefs feels relaxing and may have you wanting to take a screen shot of the scenery. The scenery above water can be an eyesore but the focus of the game is being underwater and you don’t need to be above water for more that five seconds when getting air.

            The music in the game is how you would think of an underwater scene, tranquil. There can be times where you will find yourself spacing out as you stalk a fish in order to get a good picture or shoot it with your harpoon.

If you are looking for an in depth story then you should look elsewhere. You start off straight in the water and waste no time at getting straight to the objectives at hand. Outside of giving brief explanations from ”local fisherman” there is no story to the game. There is a free mode that gives you the option to not worry about the objectives or time limits. The game also offers a library of all the fish you can catch in the game, giving a nice explanation of what they are.

Depth Hunter is a game that lacks story and a clear reason as to why you are fishing and treasure hunting in the various locations, however the game is simple and fun. The game offers a refreshing experience that the balance of music and scenery just help you slip away from stress. Depth Hunter is highly enjoyable and with how quick and easy it is to pick up and play, you can easily get a couple objectives done if you are short on playtime. The game is relatively short and the replay value is moderate at best, being something that does not have you wanting more but something you’d play to kill time.

Final Score


Post by: @Jkratka