Mobile Game Review: Astronomica for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

We were approached about a month ago by Myrix Studios to check out their newest mobile game called Astronomica. We here at UGR haven’t dipped into the mobile gaming pool up to this point, but we decided we would go ahead and play and review the game.

Now Astronomica is available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4s, iPod touch 4th generation and the iPad. For the review, we played on the iPad.

The story of Astronomica is that it is the year 5454, and the necessary resource called Myron is sort after by humans and aliens.  You play as Captain Turner and Captain McKenie who are the pilots of the ship you will be playing as. For a mobile game, it was good to know that the creators had a story going for it, so it wasn’t blend.

The basis of the gameplay is that you are controlling a ship by holding your finger on any part of the screen to go up and when you let go you ship goes down. Your ship is going through the level collecting items and dodging objects and barriers to avoid crashing your ship. There are three different planets you can travel to, each having 10 sections to play. With each level, the difficulty becomes harder and harder. Its is a great way to keep the challenge factor alive and make the player want to get a better high score. With the items that you collect, you can use it to unlock different features in the game. There is also a shop that you can purchase different items to help progress through the level which is a nice touch. The sound quality in this game is pretty good, the sound is crisp and clear and keeps you immersed in the game. For a mobile game, I think that the graphics aren’t bad, it is very good quality and I believe that the way it looks goes with the environment and story, Myrix was going for.

The only negative things that I had about this game was the lack of a tutorial mode. I clicked the first level and the game just started, I had no idea what was going on or how to play but just used common sense to figure out. If there was a tutorial, I didn’t see one or it is not in front of your face. That would have helped me in the beginning. The other negative thing was, I felt that the controls were weird to get use to at first. When you hold down your finger on the screen, your ship goes up and when you let go the ship falls and sometimes it falls farther then you want it to, causing it to crash and receiving a retry. I wish that there were two control options, one being the original controlling and the other being, that you could use your finger to actually move the ship around, I thought that would make the gameplay more immersive. The final negative point was when you move on to level to level, the game just stops and says you completed it, and there were times that I was deeply into trying to dodge the objects flying toward me and I would past a certain area and the game would just stop and say level complete. Its not a deal breaker but for me it felt kind of random how levels would end.

Overall Astronomica is a great game, it is for sure, a game that you can get caught up in and may get in trouble at work for playing on company time. I would recommend this game to all iDevice users who are into mobile games. And currently right now the game is free to try out so it wouldn’t do any harm in trying it out. For all the content it does have, it would be worth paying for also.

Final Score


You can check out Myrix Studios‘ other mobile games and purchase Astronomica on iTunes

Astronomica! on iTunes