Gamer Begins A Plan To Get D.C. Douglas, Voice Actor of Albert Wesker, Casted in “The Walking Dead”

Today, i recently sat down with Nathan Narain ‏ to talk about a petition he’s is pushing for. He can be followed @_N_a_t_h_a_n__

J.W.-So what is your petition about?

N.N.-My petition is to get the actor / voice over artist, D.C. Douglas, on The Walking Dead.

J.W.-How many signatures are you looking to get for the petition?

N.N-I am wanting to get 1000 signatures as of now and once we hit the target, we will go larger.

J.W.-Why does this petition matter to you?

N.N.-This petition means a lot to me because D.C. Douglas is an amazing person and is some what of an idol to me.

J.W.-Does D.C. Douglas want to be in the Walking dead?

N.N.-D.C. Douglas wants to be in The Walking Dead and has actually petitioned to them before. Now I am taking part in helping him.

J.W.What else do you want us to know, if anything, about your petition.

N.N.-We all have dreams and it may be hard to accomplish, but with help from others… We can make a difference and achieve that goal. This is a dream for him and for me
too. I want to make a difference for him. This petition means a lot to me!

J.W.- Where can we sign this awesome petition of yours?

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