#CommunityGameNightUGR: Halo Reach

This week’s turnout on community game night wasn’t too particularly big of a crowd,

but we had fun nonetheless. We delved into deep topics of the gaming

industry, and shared our opinions. We also had a conversation about how UGR has

something for everyone, and how it is friendly and seemingly troll-free. Among

our ranks were @xG4M3R4LYF3x, @zoldak88(our newest addition to the UGR team),

his buddy, whom we convinced to play, my roommate, my step-father(who seemed

like he enjoyed himself) and my brother. We participated in Team SWAT,

Infection, Grifball(@zoldak88 and my roommate literally walked a straight line

and scored a few times, while I accidentally betrayed @xG4M3R4LYF3x in

abundance, and achieved Kill-tacular, by far our funnest matches), and Big Team

Battle. We hope to get a bigger turnout, and we also hope to have Brandon with a

game to join us next time. So until the next Halo community game night, this is

@ChristopherPac reporting in.

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