Product Review: Roxio Game Capture

This review is strictly based off this product alone. It will not discuss other company products and compare them with this product. It is in an effort to keep the review unbiased and informative.

When we received the Roxio Game Capture, we were very excited to see how the product would handle. The Roxio Game Capture records gameplay from your Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii ,or any system if you have the correct component cables. In this review, we will discuss our findings and see if the Game Capture is worth the $100 price tag.

The Roxio Game Capture package comes with software that includes the gameplay capturing program and also an video editing system. Since I already use a different system to edit, I checked out what the Roxio editor was like, it does have great features and effects. But if you already have a vídeo editor that you love, you can pass on the Roxio vídeo editor. It also comes with a usb cord that goes into the capture card to your computer and component cables that go into the game capture to your television. Now if you have a newer xbox or don’t have component cables, you need to purchase it separately because it is the only way you can connect the game capture to your system. There is no HDMI slot, so that is not an option for connection. I would suggest getting a universal component cable, if you have more than one system.

In setting up the game capture, I did have some problems with the display, that it would produce fuzzy lines on my tv and would be in the capture display, when my laptop charger was plugged in. But when I unplugged it, the lines would go away and worked fine. I wouldn’t take off points for that, being that it could have been my own computer causing the problem. But other than that the setup is pretty simple, it comes with a visual map of how to set it up and also there is vídeo on the software on how to set it up.

The Roxio Game Capture records in 480p, 720p, and 1080i. So for some people that quality won’t work for them. I personally thought that the quality was great. I was even told that our new gameplay vídeo qualities were better than major companies gameplay videos. So that is always a plus.

But this is worth mentioning, when I had any problem or question about the Roxio Game Capture, I received a great response right away. Actually, the agent we worked with, Jessica Gould, was nothing but helpful and caring, and went beyond the call of duty to make sure our device worked correctly. My only compliant is that the customer service is closed on weekends.

In conclusion, the Roxio game capture is a great product, if you are looking to record your gameplay for videos and such. We definitely will be using it for our future videos and reviews.



Find out more details and purchasing information on Roxio Website:

Roxio Game Capture

Here is example of the quality of the Roxio Game Capture at work.

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