#CommunityGameNightUGR: Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (Xbox 360)

On April 12. 2012, we hosted Community Game Night on Xbox 360.  The game we played was Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.  The group played Team Deathmatch, Biohazard, Heroes, and Survivor. Follow our game night calender here to see what will be played next.

All Players, GT/Twitter: Sonnto (@AnthonyKFHo), Resident Darrell (@dellisor1019),  HeraldoLSanchez (@sanfordh2) , Brontox, DarkSide Crazy (@crazyeye72985),  GODS Soldier 83 (@JBarnes83), and Texlonghorn1110. Here are some pictures and video from the event. Please share this page and video, we would like to get more gamers involved!