Torchlight 2 Pets Revealed…

To those that are still interested in the Torchlight series even in the face of Diablo 3’s impending release some details concerning the new pets were recently released. There are now seven pets to choose from with the cat returning and the ferret and chakawary being available for every version of the new game. Runic has now divided the dog into two different animals, the wolf which is the closest to the dog from the first game and the bulldog which according to them looks like Winston Churchill so there you go. The remaining two are the panther which will stalk enemies from the shadows and the hawk which will swoop down to air bomb your foes. Personally I am most excited for the chakawary since I missed out on it buying the Steam version of the first game but I am also pretty interested in the hawk too. Full details of the pets, as well as a video showing their different animations, can be found here.

What pet are you most excited for dungeon crawling with? Will you be picking this game up or will Diablo still be consuming your life?

Post by: @HerbRants