Movies to Video Game; Aaaaaand Discuss…

Having just recently seen the trailer for the remake of Total Recall (one of my all time favorite movies from the 90’s), I was taken on a brief trip down memory lane. Sadly my trip ended in a quick case of the shivers, as I totally recalled the epic fail that was Acclaims’ video game version of the sci-fi flick. If you doubt me, check it out on your next retro night, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We’ve all got a best and worst movie to game example. That would be my worst. My best? Well it’s not been made…… Yet.

My guilty pleasure? FIREFLY… wait for it… Lego. That’s right. LEGO! And yah, I know it’s more of a TV show but I’m allowed leeway, it’s my frack’n article. To me there’s nothing better than hijacking the kids’ Lego games, grabbing a couple of wobbly pops and having an all out marathon, wife at my side. I dig the cheeky humor, clever puzzles, and familiarity of story line, with all of Lego’s patent twists.

What’s your best? What would you like to see that hasn’t been done yet?

I’ve shown you mine…

                                                         Post by: Tyler Martin