Metacritic Scoring System Debate

For years, there has been much debate over whether or not Metacritic scores matter. Metacrtitic is a website that takes all known professional reviews of any game, or other entertainment piece, and gives it an average or its score, which can range from 1-100.  

According to EEDAR analyst Geoffrey Zatkin games scores on metacritic seem to shows trend in video games sales numbers. Here are some of the facts he mentioned.

1. Titles rated below 80 sell poorly
2. Average review score is around the 68-71 out of 100 range
3. These games rarely sell over 100,000 copies.
4. Using the 3-month average sales of titles in 2011, games in the 70-79 range sold only 62,000 units
5. 60-69 range sold roughly 57,000 units
6. 1,024 games were rated at 50 or below last year
7. These titles average 30,000 units in 3-month sales
8. 216 games rated at 90 or above in 2011. These titles saw average sales of 700,000 units
9. 80-89 rated games saw a 3-month average drops to 236,000 units

Post by: @xG4M3RLYF3x

Microsoft Gamerscore for Xbox Live Arcade Doubled

Xbox has made a big step for gamers who play arcade games this week. They have made score limits for Xbox live Arcade games double the points which will now make it 400. This change can be due to the fact that Xbox Live Arcade Titles are becoming bigger, like recent titles, Warp, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and I Am Alive.

Netflix Kid’s Section App Comes to PS3

Netflix has now added a “Just for Kids” App released to the PS3 this past week. It will contain the largest library of children’s media in the PS3 library. There are plans for Xbox to follow the trend soon after. Now the little buggers can have something family friendly to do on the PS3 besides Call of Duty :) .